(for a full comprehensive advice one should seek a professional consultation with a qualified traditional Ayurvedic physician, meanwhile read on!)

Being pregnant brings an enormous change to a women's life. In to-day's high stress times of modern life most mothers with their new born babies can suffer a variety of health problems. Most of which could be avoided if the 'mother-to-be' had good knowledge on how to lead the correct life during the crucial months of her pregnancy. According to Ayurveda the gradual development of the foetus growing is the most important time for the future welfare of that child's health. For example, what we see here in Europe are a large number of babies and children who suffer repeatedly from skin problems such as eczema and respiratory conditions like asthma. Such conditions can be completely avoided.

During the crucial stages of foetal development a woman needs to have a sound mind and be in good physical health. Everything a mother experiences, every feeling, whether its pleasurable one or negative one, like having recurring anxieties are unknowingly passed onto the unborn innocent child. One should never underestimate the power of transferring these emotions into the make-up of the unborn child. When the child is eventually born and they begin to grow up they can suffer from psychological problems if the mother has suffered undue stress during her pregnancy.

In Ayurveda we recommend pregnant mothers to seek out gentle leisure activities for relaxation and calmness so to impart stability to the unborn child. Women should avoid situations that create anger and frustration, circumstances that provoke unnecessary stress and tension in the body and avoid habits that pollute the mind like watching violent and aggressive TV and films and also reading inappropriate self-help books on motherhood which may cause unnecessary fears and further anxieties due to many unanswerable questions that modern medicine can throw up etc.

Learning Yoga and Meditation are ideal pastimes for a pregnant mother. Some kind of outdoor relaxation exercise like walking in nature either by the sea or natural woodland, or taking a friend's dog for a walk etc is excellent. It is important to seek out an activity that you enjoy and is fulfilling like gardening, painting or listening to music that is uplifting.

If we look at the physical side of common complaints of pregnant women in Ayurveda the problems are always more related to 'Vata' side of the person. The 'Vata' name represents the air and ether elements in our bodies and their particular characteristics. The 'Vata' element is responsible for complaints like constipation, back ache, anxieties etc. In order to pacify and reduce this 'Vata' element then we have to pay special attention to our diet. Foods that feel substantial will give nourishment to the mother and child and this will ground the air & ether element of 'Vata' through eating organic grains like oats and rice, hearty vegetable broths, boiled organic milk and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) etc.

Common skin problems like eczema are due to the pregnant mother eating the wrong types foods in relation to her 'Prakruti' (that is her individual constitution inherited from her parents).

In Ayurveda, with its long tradition of medical knowledge, we are able give accurate dietary knowledge to combat children's problems like asthma and eczema, whereas modern medicine for all its glories lacks this expertise. The best place and time to start protecting and looking after your new baby is when your first conceive, not after delivery, then you can have a healthy child to be proud of. Nine months of selfless dedication by eating the right types of foods and pursuing the right activities to aid your growing foetus will benefit your child for its whole lifetime -

'no greater gift could you give !'

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