THIS IS NOT RELATED TO AYURVEDA "The following criticism serves as a silent voice for all those patients who have sadly died unnecessarily from adverse-drug-reactions" 'We will not forget them - May God Bless them all'


The doctor's 'Hippocratic oath' says,
"First do no harm"
is now sadly laughable!


'Licensed medicines' that are supposed to
help us are in fact making our health worse !
'Drug companies have a licence to poison and to profit from us all.
Something is seriously wrong…'

ADR - The Silent Disease
Our Corrupt Medical System

Drug companies have a licence to poison and to profit from us all. Something is seriously wrong when scientific studies in 1998 revealed how 'Adverse Drug Reactions' (ADR) from everyday prescription drugs are the 4th biggest killer after cancer, heart disease and having a stroke !

Here in the UK 'Adverse Drug Reactions' (ADR) vary between 5%-23% of all hospital admissions, meaning common prescription drugs hospitalize hundreds of thousands of ordinary people every year, and this is estimated to cause some 20,000 deaths, that's 7,000 more deaths than breast cancer !

Miracle drugs, wonder drugs, revolutionary drugs are just headlines - not cures !

"Journalists will never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

There's always the outcry from the Press - the shortage of hospital beds, patients waiting on trolleys in hospital corridors etc. Yet no newspaper asked the most important question of all -why are they there in the first place ? If their medication was working they'd be cured and so wouldn't be there waiting!

Besides the unforeseen accidental injuries, casualty queues, patients are waiting because the drugs they are taking do not work and the drugs which cause ADR's keep patients longer in the hospitals and they are three times more likely to die aswell.

Editors of newspapers continue to attack the Government as opposed to the real villain - the drug companies. A classic example of the Press jaundiced viewpoint in supporting drug companies revealed itself when GlaxoWellcome released their so-called revolutionary anti-flu drug - Relenza.

The prejudices of the daily press painted a completely false picture, claiming that we the British Public were being denied a cure for flu owing to the Government's NHS rationing policy. The Press deliberately set out to offend and upset the elderly people by implying a 'flu cure' was being denied to them. Leading the media brat pack was

Daily Mail 'Flu wonder drug' by Jenny Hope [ 7.8.99 ]
Daily Express 'Revolutionary anti-flu drug' [ 2.10.99 ]
Independent 'Miracle flu drug' by Jeremy Laurance [ 2.10.99 ]
The Mirror 'Flu cure' by Jill Palmer [ 2.10.99 ]
The Sun 'Flu wonder drug' by Lisa Reynolds [ 2.10.99 ]
The Times 'very safe drug' by Dr. Thomas Stuttaford [ 2.10.99 ]

The newspapers all conveniently omitted the most crucial fact - 'Relenza' had not been properly tested on the group of people it was supposed to help - ie: the elderly, and high risk patients like asthmatics. GlaxoWellcome tried to bully and blackmail everyone to accept their new flu- drug. For the drug company, worse was still to come, not only did it not work, but fatal side-effects from Relenza started to rear its ugly head -

Observer 'Flu drug linked to 22 deaths' [ 24.12.2000 ]


" A major-step forward"
A common meaningless phrase from journalists and researchers seeking funds

"This new drug will turn out to be more effective than the two leading drugs of x and y"
Yes, because the two current drugs are useless, so anything will be an improvement.

"There is no clinical evidence proving that it works"
Misleading quotes attacking herbal medicines that suggests it has been tested and failed, when in fact, the truth is quite the opposite - 99% of herbal medicines have never even been properly tested ! Professor Vincent Marks, the fuddy-duddy from the University of Surrey likes to recycle this misleading quote.

"Every therapeutic drug will naturally have some side-effects"
Scientists attempt to con us that side-effects are to be expected and are perfectly natural when something has a therapeutic effect - so why doesn't the therapeutic effect of Vitamin C & Vitamin E etc, give us side-effects ?








There are many spineless journalists who ride on the back of the drug companies' pay-packets working for various PR and Media companies who continue to paint a false medical picture, where ordinary conditions of life are being re-invented as serious diseases.

PR companies fabricate media stories for the drug companies designed to create and spread fear among the unsuspecting public, followed by the new scientific breakthrough 'wonder-drug' that is going to cure the problems ! Media stories will also falsely portray a disease to be as widespread as possible like the bullshit statistic of affecting 1in 4 people etc.

HRT drugs

are falsely promoted
to counteract a women's perceived 'menopause'
as a preventive for osteoporosis.


The concept and symptoms of menopause do not exist for women in other cultures like India, Africa, Japan and China where it is just another natural event, not a fabricated and conditioned disease like in the West.

The Traditional Ayurvedic medical system recognizes the so-called HRT symptoms of hormonal change in a woman's body and treats this very simply through careful dietary change and Traditional plant-formulas known to regenerate the reproductive system of a woman. These natural Ayurvedic treatments are simple and straightforward, and in most cases effective.

One can read the British Medical Journal 4/10/03 P:767
Highlighting the growing cancer statistics with women who are taking the HRT drug.

Owing to our ageing process, osteoporosis is a natural event where a person's bone mass is reduced. For the healthy majority osteoporosis is not a disease because fracture risks are very low. For modern women currently taking the HRT drug there is no clinical evidence existing that shows how our modern generation of HRT pill-poppers have suffered less fractures than the previous older generation who didn't take any HRT drugs.


Now being falsely promoted as an illness and not a natural process.


Drug companies are now trying to push it as a psychiatric disorder and as a new social phobia so they can create a new market for more toxic drugs.


Now drug companies are trying to promote this as a serious and recognizable disease. Irritable bowel syndrome can adversely affect some people, but it is more and likely a passing phase condition, not a serious disease as drug companies are trying to promote. (Recently a new drug Lotronet for IBS was withdrawn due to serious ADR's it caused in patients)


Beware of the claims from Vitamin manufacturers who make as many false claims as the drug companies.
Many of these manufacturers have only arrived in the last twenty-five years and could just as well be selling shoes, for they have no real medical knowledge.

The majority of nutritional supplements are based on the same 'pseudo-medical model' of the 'one-active-ingredient' which drug companies use just to make money, not better medicines.

There can be no replacement from eating the correct fresh organic foods, which contain hundreds of different 'live' compounds and chemical messengers to help you maintain good health. Obviously, if one is in hospital, then taking nutritional supplements is a good idea when your diet is very restricted.

From a traditional Ayurvedic viewpoint, the single most influential factor for people developing any kind of disease is through eating the wrong types of foods, week in, week out that upset and clashes with the person's natural constitution, or 'Prakuti' as it is known in Ayurveda.

The marketing invention of calories, RDAs (recommended daily allowances) and the need for vitamin supplements does not exist in Ayurveda. These modern inventions are meaningless because everyone has different digestion and metabolism capacities.


Bayer, the German drug company killed 52 people with its acclaimed cholesterol-lowering drug -lipobay. (Brit. Med. J. 25/8/2001)
Vigra has killed 522 people in a year
(Drug Safety. 2000. July Vol:23)
The flu wonder- drug 'Relenza' linked to 22 deaths.
(Observer 24/12/200)


DR's or side-effects come from prescription drugs and 'over-the-counter' drugs which can mimic any disease and indeed cause any disease and in doing so makes the doctor's diagnosis a difficult task. In many cases the correct diagnosis will never be made.

It is extremely difficult to distinguish between an ADR and the patient's symptoms resulting in millions upon millions of Pounds wasted with inappropriate hospital care, clinical mis-diagnoses, unnecessary operations, increasing mortality rates, patients and relatives suffering etc. Patients are three times more likely to die because of an ADR.

(Hosp. Med. 1999. May. Vol:60 No:5)

Drug companies deliberately withhold clinical data on dangerous side-effects of their new drugs. For example, patients taking tranquillisers (benzodiazepines group) who reported strong ADR's to their GP's have misinterpreted this for worsening symptoms and subsequently increased the dosage of this highly addictive drug !

The more prescription drugs a person takes, the more likelihood of that person will suffer from a serious ADR. Nursing home residents take on average 7 prescription drugs and so are a in a very high risk category. (This principle not only applies to drugs but our food too. Researchers from Liverpool University found that food containing traces of more than one pesticide can be up to 10 times more toxic than those containing just a single pesticide.)

Conveniently for the drug companies and the Government, in our much heralded hi-tech world of medicine, some clinical basics still do not exist.


Even though ADR's are the 4th biggest killer !

No prizes for guessing why ! With some 20,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands hospitalized every year through ADR's its no wonder many of the medical profession hide damaging facts related to these everyday drugs. GP's ADR reporting system is known as the 'yellow-card' system is a complete farce for around 90% of all serious ADR's'are not reported. (BMJ.25/4/98)

But hospital doctors are the worst culprits for failing to report ADR's. In a random evaluation test at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, whose actual ADR was 23% from all hospital admissions, only 5.9% ADR's were reported and in a Liverpool hospital it was a terrible 2.1%. Nurses had the best record for 49.4% reporting. Fear of litigation, punishment and bad publicity are major factors causing this hush-up.( 21/09/03 Observer )The ADR's came from common prescription drugs like asprin and NSAID's.

Fourteen prescription drugs have been banned in the last five years owing to the drugs ADR's causing hundreds of deaths and seriously harming over 3,000 people due to their side-effects.

Anti-depressant: Efexor High blood pressure: Posicor
Anti-cholesterol: Lipobay Tranquilliser: Droperidol
Anti-Parkinson's: Tasmar Heartburn drug: Cisapride
Diet pill: Fenfluramine Antibiotics: Raxar and Trovan


ADR's are conveniently not cited as the main cause of death in hospital records due to fear of litigation. A GP questionnaire survey from 270 GP's revealed how 90% of their patients suffered an ADR while in hospital, and in 89% of these cases the hospital had no records of these ADR's !
(J. of Clinical Pharm & Thera. 1999. 24: P.133)

The media and medical people like to call the clinical trials for testing out new exciting drugs the 'gold standard'. Here below are some of those results of the 'gold standard' model:

The miracle drugs, The wonder drugs, The revolutionary drugs…..

ADR - The rheumatoid arthritis drug 'Leflunomide' (Arava) in
three years has been linked to 12 deaths and 130 cases
of severe liver toxicity owing to the toxic ingredients
remaining in the body for a long time.

ADR - NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
responsible for over 2,000 deaths per year.

ADR - Glaxo Wellcome, the drug company allowed thousands
of British babies to be inoculated with a whooping cough
vaccine that had not passed crucial safety tests.
(Observer 8/7/2001)

ADR - Once hailed as 'stopping cancer in its tracks' this wonder-drug
'Marimastat' made by British Biotech was terminated when
85% of the 369 trial patients died.

ADR - Boot's, the high-street chemist launched a wonder-drug for the
heart called ' Manoplax' this turned out to kill as many people as it
supposedly saved, subsequently it was withdrawn from the market.

ADR - The acne drug 'roaccutane' made by Roche has received 80 reports
of suicide and attempted suicide linked to its drug.

ADR - The antibiotic for acne 'minocycline' resulted in 2 deaths,
one liver transplant, caused 11 patients to have arthritis and
16 patients to develop hepatitis.

ADR - The prescription drug 'Albumin' used in burns, acute bleeding
and severe shocks has caused an estimated 1,200 deaths.
It has been inappropriately used for the last 30 years !

ADR - In 1997 GlaxoWellcome's new diabetes drug 'troglitazone'[branded 'romozin']
has been suspended since causing six deaths and severe liver damage
after 3 months of taking the drug.

ADR- The heart drug 'lorcainide' caused 80,000 unnecessary deaths
due to the drug company witholding clinical trial information.

ADR - Over 30,000 people are suffering addiction to common cough
remedies like Phensydly & pain-killers like Solpadeine, Syndol
& Feminax.

ADR - Paracetamol kills over 100 people a year and is responsible for
A further 40,000 overdoses.

ADR - The drug 'tasmar' made by Roche for Parkinson's disease killed
three patients in 1998 and was withdrawn from the market.

ADR - Steroid injections of 'triamcinolone' for 'hayfever' have damaged
people's health by lowering their immunity to infections, caused
unnecessary problems like rashes, menorrhagia, aching muscles etc.
(Drugs & Thera. Bull. March 1999)

ADR - The anti-malaria drug 'Lariam' by Hoffman/Roche showed that
around 50% of users on holiday in Kenya reported serious side-effects
from this drug.

ADR - The anti-viral drug 'Fialuridine' by Eli Lilly in 1992 was heralded as a cure
for Hepatitis B until in a trial it killed two people and a further three patients
had to have a liver transplant.

ADR - In the Eighties the 'breakthrough' drug 'opren' made by Eli Lilly for
arthritis killed over 100 people and hosptialized 4,000 elderly people.
The US drug company of course, settled out of court !


Would you put a paedophile in charge of a nursery ?

Yet in our orthodox medical system we have the equivalent of this.


There is clear proof that many so-called 'licensed medicines', whether prescription or off-the-shelf are really just commercial products - not medicines ! Many licensed medicines are just a big con because they do not cure people. Some of course may provide temporary relief, but in the long-term untold damage is done to the patient - then more drugs will be prescribed !

Pharmaceutical companies pay a licensing fee to their own, highly prejudiced, self-regulating body, now called Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) was previously known as the Medicine Control Agency (MCA), which conveniently allows them to market their goods. Our MHRA is supposed to ensure the 'safety' of all drugs and is supposed to warn us of toxic and addictive drugs that can cause serious ADR's to us.

But the MHRA is surprise, surprise run by the drug companies, for the drug companies. So we can hardly expect the MHRA which is made up of pharmaceutical people, to give us the truth. Money will always come first, before the safety of you and your family.

For example: GlaxoSmithKline claimed their best-selling anti-depressant drug 'Seroxat' (2001 sales were £1.86 billion) wasn't addictive, when of course it was! Our own farcical MHRA and CSM (Committee Safety of Medicines) approved the drug's information leaflet which stated the tablets are not addictive. Well done to the 'Social Audit' consumer group who proved the drug company had breached the industry's code of practice.
(Guardian 12-10-02 Page 7)

Read into the way they work -The MHRA have three main objectives:

Meet appropriate standards of safety (are meaningless when many drugs hospitalize and kill people regularly, therefore, so-called safety cannot be guaranteed when the majority of patients take more than one prescription drug at a time)

Meet standards of quality

(yes pills do meet conformity standards but with increasing mortality statistics again it is meaningless)

Meet standards of efficacy
(where no strict rules apply ! That's why there are many useless toxic prescription drugs together with the 'off-the-shelf' pseudo-medicines, like over 200 licensed flu & cough medicines which are ineffective along with many other drugs for common ailments.)

Remember, a dummy pill or placebo has been scientifically proven to have a 35% success rate in helping patients, and this is what the devious drug companies play on. Of course, some 'licensed medicines' do work, but with around 4,000 drugs listed in the GP's reference bible, the British National Formulary, our GP's working knowledge of drugs is very limited, and with the endless flow of new drugs on the market with conflicting clinical evidence, our hard-working GP's are faced with a daunting and confusing picture to choose the right drug, if indeed there is one!

Drug companies go out on a limb to hold back important and damaging drug data from doctors. They hide and conceal incriminating evidence in almost 75% of all their clinical trials. Drug companies have the worst record for refusing to publish scientific papers on their new drugs ! Pharmaceutical people work in a veil of secrecy making them completely untrustworthy, yet the majority of the media, MP's and our orthodox medical system suck up to these large corporate businesses - money, money, money ! Perhaps your one of the smug ones, and don't give a shit? But we do, so help us change this corrupt medical system by signing up on our e-mail petition

For many decades MP's, Ministers and civil servants within our Dept.of Health have protected pharmaceutical companies through the 1968 Medicines Act. Doctors and patients and the rest of us have no right to know why a drug was approved for a licence in the first place, and we are refused access to the clinical data on which a new drug was judged to be safe and effective. And there is no information on what exactly the drug in question contains !!! Unbelieveable isn't it ?

Drug companies operate in a cosy, protective cocoon because they deal direct with Government officials, not the public, where they sell their phoney drugs to our NHS. (It should be called the NDS, the National Drug System not Health !) And ironically, we as taxpayers contribute and pay towards their corrupt system of research just so they can hospitalize and contaminate us.

Our cash-starved NHS crumbles while pharmaceuticals reap bumper profits.

Because they don't have a choice and you do ?

Over decades, hundreds of thousands of people have been unnecessary killed through ADR's. Yet no patient group action against drug companies has ever reached our courts. Drug companies avoid bad publicity by merely making out-of-court settlements to the victim's families. Then its business as usual !

Pharmaceutical companies get up to every conceivable dirty trick you can imagine just to peddle their dangerous, toxic drugs.

And to make matters worse, the majority of national newspapers support them owing to their owners and shareholders having financial stakes in drug companies along with MP's. The TV, Press & Magazines, they too have nice little earners from drug companies' advertising their 'off-the-shelf' pseudo-medicines.

In the World Health Organization database there are some 1.8 billion 'Adverse Drug Reactions' (ADR) listed compared to 9,000 herbal remedies. Very few herbal medicines actually interact with conventional medicines compared to everyday prescription drugs giving patients ADR on a regular basis with fatal consequences.

A recently adopted cynically ploy used by drug companies for useless new drugs, are to re-market them and claim there better used as a preventative.

So ruthless and greedy are drug companies and all those smarmy executives that support them, that there are not satisfied with giving toxic and harmful drugs to sick people, they now want to give their harmful drugs to healthy people, pretending it's a preventative !

'Tamoxifen' the so-called wonder drug for breast cancer has showed it did not prevent the disease in healthy women, yet it was marketed as a preventative. The marketing men in drug companies and science writers like to create stories of fear by falsely claiming how people are predisposed to the genetic risks of the 'usual suspects' of chronic diseases like heart disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimers etc. The same science writers marvelled at the 'gene therapy' cures in the late 80's and early 90's - so where have all those cures gone ?

Drug companies invent diseases like HRT and ADHD for hyper-active children so as to peddle their toxic drugs [in some cultures like in Africa, Japan and China menopause is a natural uneventful phase - not a disease ] The latest bullshit to come will be a drug for male menopause too !

Drug companies choose scientists that support their views and the wrong age-groups of people to participate in their clinical trials so as give a false and favourable reports for their new toxic drug. They recruit young healthy adults, like students in their twenties, for drugs aimed at sick elderly people!
Prestigious medical journals like the 'New England Journal of Medicine' & 'Journal of the American Medical Association' suck up to pharmaceutical companies in order to increase their advertising revenue. (Brit. Med. Journal. Vol:319 20/11/99)

Boots our high-street chemist in 1995 hired a team of private investigators in an attempt to discredit and suppress a survey on cheaper drugs.

Drug companies have been caught paying pharmacists for confidential information on patient records.

Drug companies send out sycophantic Christmas cards to lonely, elderly patients on their drugs!
[ Arthrocare did this in 1998 for people on their drugs for arthritis]

Dr. James Bochsler received £22,500 to fabricate medical records for drug trials.

In 1996 Dr. Geoffrey Fairhurst from Merseyside was caught receiving payments of £15,000 from Glaxo for secretly testing an unknown drug at his surgery on his unsuspecting patients. Dr. Fairhurst was a Government advisor on health, a former JP, and chairman of a medical ethics committee!

The chemical company Inveresk Research in Edinburgh bribed vulnerable students to test out their toxic pesticides.

Drug companies are buying up leading herbal manufacturers like Solgar.

Bayer, the German drug company were found guilty of bribing 2,500 Portuguese doctors.

Schering-Plough, the drug company are being taken to court for falsely advertising the benefits of their latest allergy drug - 'Claritin'.

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