This 1hr 30 minutes therapy with Ayurvedic medicinal oil will strengthen and provide nourishment to your whole body. The treatment increases one's mental and physiological functioning by boosting the oxygen level to all of your organs, thus providing the foundation for you to achieve and maintain optimum mental and physical fitness.

The advantage of this Traditional Sri Lankan treatment over many other therapies is that it effectively addresses both mental and emotional sides of your body.

In to-day's fast and chaotic world all adults require more oxygen for their blood in order to combat fatigue, tiredness and stress etc. This Traditional Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Oil Therapy supports and reduces many physical ailments we can suffer from.


Energizes the body's immunity powers

Stimulates your nervous system

Increases one's mental capacity

Elevates one's well being

Stimulates your lymphatic gland system
Relaxes joint and muscular tissues

Invigorates and refreshes the body's muscles

Calms all the organs of the body

Helps release and eliminate toxins

Promotes a sound restful sleep
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