One who transforms old and thoughtless

ways into fresh and wholesome acts brings

light into the world

like the moon

emerging from the clouds

(Dhammapada 550 B.C.)





'Turning patients back into people'


From this day forward our   ""  website is for information only

After ten years of operating the 'Ayurvedic Clinic & Dispensary' in Wimbledon we are now in the process of re-locating for 2014 in setting up an 'Ayurvedic Retreat' overseas.  Details will be published closer to the time of opening.

With regret we are not accepting any new patients for Traditional Ayurvedic Consultations.  We suggest that people with immediate health concerns who seek a 'Traditional Ayurvedic Consultation', then we would recommend you to contact Dr. Champika,  our former resident Ayurvedic doctor from Sri Lanka.  She is currently based at the  " Wood Green Complementary Health Centre"  in North London and she will be carrying on shining the beacon of light for 'Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine'.

For all new enquries,  visit:

All former patients and new ones can leave a message care of Dr. Champika

Tel:  07861464894

Please remember to speak slowly and clearly for all messages


The Ayurvedic medical system addresses and treats every condition known to man, old or new.  Modern medicine may have a different and new name for such medical conditions but Ayurveda still recognizes the vast range of human conditions and the underlying pathology according to the nature of man, even though in Ayurveda we will use different medical names compared to modern medicine.

The human body has not suddenly changed in the last 10,000 years - we all still eat, drink, sleep and have common  fears and aspirations etc like our fellow man did, thousands of years ago.

Ayurvedic medicine is as pertinent now as ever it was, in fact, even more so, owing to our everday exposure to many chemicals and pollutants in our food and environment.  Together with all the useless media medical misinformation given out by various supposedly respected industries.  Only Ayurveda can teach you how to properly look after yourself.

Here at our Wimbledon's 'Ayurvedic Clinic' in London, since September 2001, we have specialized in providing authentic Ayurvedic consultations with qualified Ayurvedic doctors in keeping with the Buddhist and Hindu tradition. We are in a unique position, being non-profit like a Charity, we have no commercial interests, and therefore we are able to throughly educate and enlighten all our patients, so you can simply look after yourself, not for one week nor one month, but for the rest of your life !

Having an Ayurvedic Consultation you will discover the key factors relating to your health. Learning and knowing your 'Prakruti' or constitution enables us to teach you how to look after yourself. You will learn your particular strengths and weaknesses according to your constitutional-type and the foods you should be eating in order to complement your 'Prakruti' / constitution, and more importantly, stop you having recurring health problems that is your underlying weakness.

Our Ayurvedic doctors are able to impart this medical wisdom to you because the system of Ayurvedic medicine is based on the 'laws of nature', it is not subjected to any change, and therefore the latest scientific fads and findings in the press, can never change the inherent wisdom in Ayurvedic medicine - for Ayurveda is nature itself. The Sun will always set and the Moon will always rise - well hopefully!! 

However, modern medicine is a commercial business so its viewpoint continually changes owing to its model being a man-made biomedical one, that is designed purely to make money. That is why this commercial medical model is flawed and is full of compromises and contradictions. Modern medicine excels in life-threatening situations like a car-accident, but when it comes to the very basics of treating and curing everyday common conditions - it has a poor record for prevention and curing people.

Your 'good thought' in wanting to see an Ayurvedic doctor, not only do you gain lifelong medical wisdom pertinent to yourself, but you are also helping us to uphold the priceless Ayurvedic tradition by supporting Ayurvedic doctors who are not valued here in the West.  We are a independent co-operative that does not receive any grants or funding from anyone, so you are helping us to support Traditional Ayurvedic Dispensaries in Sri Lanka and enable us to support chosen individuals studying in the field of Ayurvedic medicine at a Government run Ayurvedic College in Sri Lanka. 


All of our high-quality Ayurvedic medicines are sourced from traditional dispensaries in Sri Lanka. You will be hard-pressed to find a higher quality of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines anywhere in the UK or Europe.

(pronounced i-u-veda )

'Medical wisdom for life'


Modern medicine cannot cure many common acute and chronic diseases for failing to address the very basics of maintaining good health through prevention because the pharmaceutical medical system of conventional medicne is about making money out of the ignorance of the poor patient.

Our current drug-orientated medical system favours the profits of multinational drug companies rather than the health of patients whom they should be serving. The corrupt drug system seriously undermines all the hard work carried out by our nurses, family GP's and natural health clinics. Although many GP's are still happy to promote this corrupt system.

We are now in a privilege position to speak since the Ayurvedic Clinic & Dispensary has now been running since 2001 thanks to the help from 'Dundonald Congregational Church' we've learnt over the last nine years, through our patient's remarks, how there are only a small band of GP's who will resist prescribing drugs while the majority  of GP's are only interested in prescribing more drugs, sadly behaving more like sales-reps from drug companies in order to make money and keep you the patient, dependent on such drugs for life, and really in the dark on improving and changing your condition. GP's seem to have handed over their medical power to the large pharamaceuticals.

Please remember, modern medicine is a business, so it is upto the individual, namely you, to decide which system of medicine you would like to support



Drug companies and their medical scientists feel threatened

by the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicines and its rich history

of healing therapies , consequently they are desperate to malign

and discredit Ayurvedic medicines.  Hence the recent articles in

some English newspapers attempting to discredit Ayurvedic

medicines by saying they all contain toxic heavy metals -

this of course is a ridiculous smear intending to divert

attention away from toxic prescription drugs

which routinely hopitalize and kill tens of thousands

of people, every year through ADR (adverse drug reactions).

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